Ultimate football quiz

Think you know your soccer? Well then try your hand at the Ultimate Football Quiz. There are 50 football questions for you to try your hand at, but no cheating, answer the questions before you check the answers. All questions were correct up to the start of the 2009-10 Premiership football season. Good luck!

Answers are listed here.


1. Which Scottish football club were named after an English rugby team?

2. Giuseppe Wilson won 3 international football caps for which country?

3. With 109 goals, Ali Daei is the leading all time goal scorer in international football, but for which country did he play?

4. Which player scored a hat-trick in the Charity Shield for the reigning champions before winning the title with the team he scored against later the same season?

5. Which Premier League clubs haver these Latin inscriptions on their badges?
a) Nil satis nisi optimum
b) Superbia in proelia
c) Audere est facere
d) Arte et labore

6. Which are the 8 English towns or cities that could host league derby matches (assuming both teams were in the same division)?

7. ESPN presenter Ray Stubbs was on the books of which English club?

8. Which team boasts the biggest pitch in the Premier League at 116 x 77 yards?

9. How is the song “Offside” by Barry Stroller better known?

10. Name the 5 English players who have cost over £7 million each but have never played for England.

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11. There are 2 current football league teams with an X in their name. Who are they?

12. Which is the only English league club whose name contains no letters which can be ‘coloured in’?

13. What is the biggest city in the UK never to have had a league team?

14. What do the following shirts have in common: West Ham’s No. 6, Man City’s No. 23 and Chelsea’s No. 25?

15. For whom did Pele and Bobby Moore play together?

16. Which English league team’s name starts with 5 consonants?

17. Which team’s ground is closest to the River Mersey?

18. Which British team’s ground is in two countries?

19. Who is the only player who has scored a hat-trick in all of the top 4 English divisions, the League Cup, the FA Cup and for their country?

20. Name the four Scottish towns that have more than one league club.

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21. Name the five teams in the top 4 English divisions whose names end in ‘E’?

22. Name the 4 teams in the top 4 English divisions whose names start and end with the same letter.

23. Which 4 teams in the top 4 English divisions have names containing all 5 vowels?

24. The 1982 Southampton team included Mick Channon, Alan Ball, Peter Shilton, Kevin Keegan, Mark Wright and Dave Watson. What do all these players have in common?

25. Which English team has been champions of Europe more times than they’ve been champions of England?

26. Which English clubs are farthest north, south, east and west?

27. Which current Premiership player has played in the all 4 of the top English divisions, the Conference, Champions League, UEFA Cup and La Liga in Spain?

28. St Johnstone can stake which alphabetical footballing claim?

29. Who is the only player to have scored in the Mersyeside, Manchester and Glasgow derbies?

30. What do the following players have in common: Laurie Brown, David Jenkins, Willie Young, Jimmy Robertson, Pat Jennings and Sol Campbell?

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31. Which seven clubs have played in the Premier League in every season since its inception?

32. What do the following players have in common: Paul Scholes, Paul Ince, David Beckham, Trevor Cherry, Alan Mullery, Ray Wilkins, Wayne Rooney, David Batty and Alan Smith?

33. Which six teams have done the double in England?

34. Name the two players who have played in every season of the Premier League?

35. Who’s the only player to have scored in a Champions League Final, UEFA Cup Final, FA Cup Final and League Cup Final?

36. Which current Premier League player is the only player to have won the Champions League, UEFA Cup, Premier League and FA Cup, and also been relegated from the Premier League?

37. Who is the only born and bred Scouser to have won the FA Cup with Liverpool and Everton?

38. Which English League club did Ian Botham play for?

39. Which Champions League winner scored the first ever Premier League goal to be screened on live TV?

40. Name the three players who have scored hat-tricks for three different Premier League teams.

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41. Not including any United’s, name the 3 English or Scottish league teams that have two ‘U’s’ in their name.

42. Which player has played in all of the following derbies: Munich, Merseyside, North London, Milan and Tyne-Tees?

43. Which English league team’s name contains none of the letters in ‘mackerel’?

44. Within the English league, which geographical distinction is held by West Bromwich Albion’s ground?

45. Which two English teams were the first two to play each other in the league for the 100th time?

46. Which current Premier league manager was the world’s first £2million pound player?

47. Who was the first goalkeeper to score in the Premier League?

48. Who is the only Scottish player ever too have been named as European Footballer of the Year?

49. Who won the golden boot in the 1990 World Cup despite having only played one game for his country prior to the World Cup?

50. Of all teams in the English leagues, which one has the shortest name?

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