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Wimbledon quiz

Thanks for taking our fun Wimbledon quiz brought to you by Badger, and we hope you did well. Why not have a bet on the action with our selected betting partner Sporting Bet. Thanks for taking part in one of our many free online quizzes and we hope to see you back soon at Quizblog.

Sixties music quiz

Thanks for taking our super sixties pop quiz, brought to you by Badger. Hope you enjoyed this free online trivia quiz and be sure to check back for more quizzes soon.

Liverpool FC Quiz

Thanks for taking our free online Liverpool FC quiz. Keep checking back here for more free quizes and football quizzes at

Football picture quiz

Sporting nicknames quiz

Try our free online sporting nicknames quiz. Keep checking back regularly for more free pub trivia quizzes.

Free Flags of the World Quiz

A short quiz on ten different flags of the world. It is a multiple choice flags quiz so just select the country whose flag you think it is.

Free Football quiz

Free football quiz questions for you to try. Everyone loves a free football trivia quiz so have a go at this one. Quizblog has many free online quizzes for you on topics such as music quiz, sports trivia and general knowledge questions so keep coming back regularly for more free quizes.

Tough general knowledge quiz

A quiz for the diehards, there’s some pretty tricky general knowledge trivia questions in here.

1990’s TV Quiz

A quiz about those halcyon TV days before the reality craze took over.